Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day in Parowan

The infamous Iron County Parade. We had fun, and Uncle T got a lot of free stuff and candy from the floats with Jackson in his arms. classic! We also saw Aunt Jo and Sharon there and they sat with us, our yearly tradition.

Aaron and Nikki ran in the Iron County Fair 5K. Aaron finished 3rd place in his division whoo-hoo for You. We are so proud of you guys. SHIZ-AM!!!! look at that skanky booty running down the street. hee, hee love ya. Next year that is going to be me, but first I gots to get my training on!!
We went for a walk and found some horses, Jackson loved them.

Jackson loves his Aunt Emmie and Uncle T, and their cell phones. Sorry uncle T that he lost it for a couple of hours. hee hee.

My little booger looking all cute in his baseball tee playing with his new toy, which he loves. it blows the balls out the top, it is so cute. he also sticks things down the shoot, we found the phone in there last night. Joey and I laughed so hard.
Ms. Cleo (as Aunt Billie calls her) all bundled up looking fabulous.
We had a good time in Parowan this year for Labor Day. Everyone came up Nikki, Aaron, Chloe, Tim, Emily, Karen, Lee, Joey, Me, Jackson and all the dogs. We had a house full, but that is the way we like it. We went shopping in Cedar, relaxed in the backyard, played a little bit of badminton, and we all went to the parade. We normally go to the horse races, and the rodeo but Saturday it rained like cats and dogs outside so we said indoors and played silly games that made us laugh so hard that we almost peed our pants. The video that I posted is hilarious, it is all of us being stupid, notice in the video Nikki cheating so bad, she should have fallen like 10 times but she just keeps going--you big goof. hee, hee this is what the Motts do for fun in Parowan. (before you watch the video you might want to pause the music playlist so you can hear what we are saying in the video--cause we are dorks.)