Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sacramento Trip

This last weekend Karen, Nikki, Chloe, Jackson and I went up to Sacramento to visit Karens family. None of them have ever met the babies so it was fun for everyone to see each other. This was Jacksons first time on a airplane and he loved it, especially when it took off, he was glued to the window.
this is us trying to keep the babies entertained at the airport.

everything is okay when Jackson has Austin from the Backyardigans.
and yummy treats always help.
aunt Nikki pushing the kids around in a wheelchair, they loved it.--look at how much these two look alike, no wonder everywhere we go people say, "oh look at the twins!" it is so funny.
Uncle Bob and Jack
Jackson in the tree
We tried to get a good picture this was the best we could do.
Jackson is all boy running through the leaves and getting dirty.

Doesn't this look like it should be a kodak advertisement?Jackson loves his Ma.
The B-E-A-Utiful tree out front, perfect photo op.
our attempt at taking a photo of all of us, Aunt Janie couldn't remember if it was the second flash that she was supposed to smile for, she kept turning head right when the picture would take, you dork. gotta love her, we were laughing so hard we almost peed our pants over this one.

cousin Mia has butterscotch the horsey and Jackson fell in love with it--hhhhmmm Santa!
Jackson, cousin Nathan, cousin Mia, and cousin Chloe
cousin Danielle, Nikki, and me
Mia, Nathan, Danielle, Chloe, Jackson, and Kirsten---Saturday at Danielle & Joe's house Karens side of the family all got together for lunch and presents for the kiddies--thanks for Jacksons supper cute jammies, he loves them.
get this da@* thing off of me!
oh ya baby this is all me.
Jacksons favorite auntie Janie giving him more sugar--Aunt Janie for president. We love you!!
Jackson, Chloe and cousin Hayden---sorry I scratched your face Hayden I just get a little excited to meet fun new cousins-ask Chloe.
Karens Family--her nephew Damien, her sister Janie, her brother Bob, her momma G-ma Phil, her other brother Gary, and of course Kar-Bear.

G-ma Phil and the kiddies--Jackson was loving all of Grandmas breakables that we had to move to safe ground, sorry G-ma that we rearranged your whole house. love ya

***You will need to pause the music on the play list so you can hear the videos***
-This is Auntie Janie bribbing Jackson with candy, it is so cute, she loves the babies and it was so fun to see her and bring the babies up to meet her for the first time. this video is priceless
-the other video is of Jackson on the airplane when it finally got into the air, he was loving looking out the window at the Vegas lights.