Saturday, September 29, 2007

Past the due date

Well, Jacksons due date has come and past and still no Jackson. We all thought he would be here by now. We went to the doctors office on Friday and I am still 1 1/2 cm dilated, she doesn't like to go more than a week over the due date so we scheduled to be induced on Wednesday Oct. 3rd at 7:30 am. Meanwhile we have been having fun with the family trying to pass the time and keep my mind off labor and wanting Jackson to come. Today while Joey was golfing with his dad I met my family at Gilcrease Orchard to pick out pumpkins, I found the cutest little pumpkin for Jackson and I also did a lot of walking in hopes of going into labor naturally before the induction date. It has been a long day and I am tired from all the walking and bumpy car rides with my dad driving. Hopefully some of these methods worked and Jackson will come soon, we will let you all know when he has finally arrived!

kim & Dax at Gilcrease ranch!

The family with all of our pumpkins that we picked at the orchard!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Belly pictures

Our friend Rachel Budge took pictures of us with Jackson in the belly. They turned out really cute, Thanks Rach your the best, we love all the pics.

The nursery is almost done! We just need Jackson to come

Here is whats on the wall above the changing table. The picture that is in the frame is a picture of Joeys dad Lee on a horse barrel racing when he was a little boy. This is who Jackson is named after Jackson Lee Mott. The name Jackson is also a family name my grandmas maiden name was Jackson.
We finally got the letters for the wall in the mail, and Jacksons nursery is finally done, well kind of, the changing table still has not come in. One side of the room is done and looking very cute. Now all we need is a baby!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jackson Kicking in mommy's belly

This is our little Jackson in the oven, I think the bun is done and he wants to come out and meet everyone, he wants to bust out of there. When I lay on my left side he goes crazy and starts to kick and move around a ton. I was lucky enough to get it on tape one night while I was filming Joey putting the crib together. We thought we would share it with everyone, cause it looks so crazy an it feels just as crazy as it looks

Labor Day Weekend

Normally we go up to Parowan Utah for Labor Day. Every year they have the Labor Day Fair, parade, horse races, rodeo, garage sales, and yummy peaches for sale on the corners in town. This year unfortunately we couldn't go cause it is too close to my due date, and the doctor said no traveling. We still had a good time though with our fun filled weekend of swimming and BBQ's right here in sunny hot hot Las Vegas!

our friends Jill and Seths little girl Ryan and Joey playing in the pool!

Dax in his inflatable crab!

joey with his nephews Treyson and Ty. He was giving Ty swim lessons, it was so cute.

Brynlyn in her way cute bikini that we got her for her first birthday, she is cute!

Ty Ty enjoying some homemade flautas, rice and beans. Ty nicknamed his soon to be cousin Jackson--baby Jack Jack!

Then on Monday which was Labor Day, we had a swim BBQ at my mom and dads house!
Joey playing with his nephews!

Kim and Dax! Dax loved Londons inflatable turtle, so they went out and got him a crab for Grammies pool.

Me with the babies, London, Dax and Jackson in my belly!

Marian and the girls!

Labor Day weekend we had a BBQ at our house on Saturday with the Andersons. Here are the boys playing basketball.

37 Weeks--Full Term

This is me on Thursday which marked 37 weeks, officially full term, Jackson Lee Mott will be here soon, and we have been working hard to get ready for the little man!! We are so excited we can barely stand it.

Here is daddy putting together J-mans way cute rainforest swing that Grammy and Papa got us

Some of the burp cloths I have made for the little man!

Here is the quilt that goes with his crib bedding, all that is left to do on it is put the backing on it and tie it.

Here is Jackmans crib all set up with the bedding, and his mobile that I made. I am so glad Kelly talked me into getting the rocking horse from potterybarn kids, he looks so cute next to the crib. We named the horse Trigger! Above the crib will be Jacksons name in wooden letters with cute tin stars on each side, but they have yet to come in the mail. Hopefully they will come soon along with the changing table, he could be here any day. I will take pictures of the nursery when it is finally done so everyone can see the finished product, it is still a work in progress.

This is me putting together Jacksons rainforest bouncer that Nana and Papa gave us.

Thanks to all of our amazing friends and family we have almost everything we need for Jacksons arrival. This is all of our fun stuff that we received for the baby shower--thank you everyone, we really appreciate all you do for us, we are very lucky to have you in our lives!!

We went to the doctor on Friday 9-7-07 and I am officially full term. I could have the baby any day. I am dilated 1 cm, (not very far, but a good start) the doctor thinks he might come next week. Joey and I are very anxious to meet baby Jack Jack. We are almost ready for him, the crib is set up, along with his cradle, swing, and bouncer, we have done a deep cleaning to make room for Mr. Jack mans stuff--with the help of my sister Kim, Bryan and Dax--thanks guys. My mother-in-law, Karen and I have been making Jacksons crib bedding. The theme of his nursery is vintage cowboy-so cute. We are almost done with the quilt and all of the bedding will be done. I have been busy sewing and making way cute burp cloths, onsies, and receiving blankets. I finally feel ready for him to come, I can't wait. We are all so excited !!!