Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 year anniversary, projects, & I'm kinda famous, hee hee!!

I have been working on some projects lately, keeping busy! Karen and I decided to clean out our sewing closet, paint it and organize, look out Martha we are crazy with our label machine. we are so happy with the way it turned out, everything has its place and we can find what we need. we are going to paint the actual sewing room soon and do some other cute things with it, so I will post more pics when that is done.

made these cute bath towels to go with the treat boxes as birthday gifts.

wanting a new look for my living room, so recovered my old pillows, I love turquiose and brown
I have been making these cute treat boxes lately, Jackson loves his, when I open it for him he twiddles his fingers and he can't decide which treat he wants, it is so funny, so many choices.

I am way late on posting these pics, but we celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Jan. 8th, and Joey took me to the Melting Pot for dinner and then to the movies, we have never been to that restaurant and we really enjoyed it, so fun. Thanks lovey, I had a great time, and I love you to the moon and back.

Check out this website, a friend of mine told me about it, my picture, along with my girls (Kelly, & Charlie) at graduation, on the CSN graduation information website, too funny--wha-hooey we are famous.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years & Christmas

This year for new years we spent the day at Heather and Dave's house riding Treyson and Ty's cool new ride. Thanks boys for taking the babies for rides. Then that evening we went to dinner and came back to my parents house for games and a little bubb-lay, hee hee sparkling cider. yummy, we got a little crazy.

after new years we went up to Utah for the weekend and we got to go see our new baby cousin Torsten, and Farah and Kurt. he is adorable so cute and tiny. It was fun to see everyone, I hate living so far away from our Utah family. miss ya guys already.
Jackson playing in the snow, it was freezing up there.

Christmas Eve at our house.
Christmas morning at the top of the stairs, traditional picture.
Look what Jackson got from Santa, He loves to ride Kota!!

Grammy and Papa got Jack Elmo Live, he seriously is the cutest toy I have ever seen, and Jackson loves to blow him kisses.
my goofy child, yes he looks like Joey but he is just like me. a big goof ball.
riding in style

what ya got here papa?
cute kids in their jammies
a little bit of Christmas Wii
Cousin Keaton riding kota
Christmas day at the Neilsons
63 years of marriage and still in love, I love Nana and Papa they are so cute.
all us kids got wii fits for Christmas wha-hooey!!

very tired after a long day of presents and fun.
Jackson loves his bubble machine for the bath tub that Santa brought him

Jackson loves right now singing and dancing toys, and he got alot of those for Christmas.
Snow in Vegas. crazy
the CREATIVE group: using guacamole for grass. (Kennady, Nikki, Jackson, Chloe and Andrea)
the BROWN NOSERS sucking up to the Judge, Karen- Grammy (Carson, Aaron, Timmy, Papa)
the PERFECTIONISTS, it was really perfect. (Keaton, Emily, JUSTIN, & JOEY)

We took Jackson to Opportunity Village and he loved all the lights.

Christmas Sunday, I got Jackson the sickest suit, doesn't he look so pimp?