Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I found my Thumb!!

Jackson is so funny! Everything now goes straight for his mouth, and he has found his thumb. He doesn't really suck it he just kind of chews on it and smiles at us, like ha, ha mom and dad look what I am doing. It is so cute, and I can't believe I am saying that cause I always said I would never let my baby suck his thumb. Joey is constantly pulling his hands out of his mouth and putting his binkie in instead, but I had to get some cute pictures of it before we break him of his habit. I love my boy!

Friday, January 18, 2008

3 Months and 2 weeks old

I can't believe Jackson is already 3 months old, time has just flown by. He is such a happy baby, he smiles and laughs all the time, it is so fun. He is starting to grab everything and trying to sit up and roll over. It is so fun to watch him grow, I love being a mom, it is the greatest. Being pregnant for nine months is definitely worth it. Right after the new year I went back to work, the first day was really hard, my mother-in-law Karen is watching him and she brought him at lunch time to visit. We are having a hard time with it though because the stubborn little poop won't take a bottle. I have been strictly breastfeeding ever since he was born and he has taken a bottle before when I had to leave him for a couple of hours, but not now. It is like he doesn't want me to go or something because Karen tries to put the bottle in his mouth and he just rolls it around and laughs at her, like ha, ha Grammy I am not going to take it. So, everyday that I work I feed him before I leave at 7:30am and he is fine until 1:00pm when she brings him at lunch to feed and then he is good until 5:00pm when I get home. I was going to work Monday through Wednesday but I cut it down to just working Monday and Wednesday for a while until I can get used to being away from him and he can get used to a bottle. It is so crazy though because Jackson will take a pacifier but he won't take the bottle that looks just like his pacifier. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them, I feel bad that Karen has to bring him to work everyday.
I like my new schedule though because it breaks up the week and it doesn't feel like I am away from for very long, it is great. It makes my time with him even more special. We are also very lucky that we don't have to put him in day care, Karen loves watching him for us. So is so cute with him, they play all day long, and she packs him up and takes him with her to the store and to do her errands. We have the best babysitter in the world! Going back to work wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, when I was pregnant the thought of being away from him was unbearable, and that even got worse after I had him. Now that I am back I realized how much I love what I do, and I am so grateful that I have a career where I can be home with him more than I am at work.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve up in Parowan, playing in the snow on the four wheelers. We had a blast, Grammy watched Jackson while we were out in the snow and this is how we found them when we came back, it was so cute, them napping together. For New Years Eve we went to Milts restaurant up Cedar Mountain with Uncle George and Aunt JoEllen. Then came back and played board games-- Happy New Year!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was so much fun and very tiring. Jackson and daddy took several naps throughout the day. Especially after opening all of his gifts. We spent Christmas morning in our house opening Jacksons presents from santa, and then opened presents with Joeys family in the main house, and ate breakfast. Then off to Grammy, Papa, Nana, & Papa Greats house to spend the rest of the day.

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve it was little different. Normally we feed the homeless in the afternoon and then have pizza afterwards that evening, but we had to do that a couple of days earlier cause Emily had to work in the daytime on Christmas Eve up in St. George and would miss it. As it turns out though Joey and I were sick in bed on the day they did all of this so we missed out. Thats okay though cause we were feeling much before by the real Christmas Eve. So, on Christmas Eve we had a $5 gift exchange party with the Motts, ate pizza, and boxed on the wii. Then that evening we went to my families house so my dad could read the Christmas story to the boys.

Pre-Christmas Eve with the kids

Every year we have the kids (Keaton, Kennady & Carson) over a couple of days before Christmas to have Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us, since they can't be with us on the actual days. It was fun this year we had a gingerbread house contest and I don't know but I think ours was the best--cause we had Jackson on our team, hee hee!