Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey everyone this weekend is behind the picket fence craft boutique and we are part of it. Look for Nik-Nak-Paddy Wak baby accessories when you are there. We have custom made burp cloths, bibs, and blankets that can be personalized with your babies name. Here are just a couple of the burps that we make, for the boutique this weekend we mainly did cute little sayings and pictures on them, there are also blank ones there if you would like you babies name put on them you can give us a call. We are so excited to have started our littel Nik Nak baby company up and we hope you all enjoy. Hope to see ya there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

whoot-whoot the place to be this Friday!!

hey everyone we are having a holiday boutique this Friday. hope you all can come!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shiz-Am!! Me with dark hair

Last Saturday I got my hair done and I decided to go dark. I naturally have dark hair but it is not this dark. I figured it would be nice for the winter and nice to let my hair relax, it was way to much up keep to do it that blonde. I really like it though and so does Joey. When Jackson first saw me he looked at me funny and then gave me a big hug like yeah that is my momma. Kara also cut me some bangs, oh la la. I love it Kara thanks so much.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloweiner!!

On halloween night we always go to my sister Kim and brother-in-law Bryans annual fabulous halloween party. This year they totally out did themselves, with the decorations, food, bobbing for apples and the haunted backyard. We had a blast, thanks guys, can't wait for next year.
Kelly and Brandon: Pirate and Mr. Pimp
Kim and Dax: the best pilots in town. Dax looking all studly in his top gun outfit.

Mott family: two spiders and Joes pest controlNikki, Aaron (I think that is Aaron--or some crazy guy who just broke out of prison.) and Chloe
Kim is so creative with her ribs and punctured heart of the skeleton, and may I say it tasted so good!
To drink: Sprite a la hawaiian punch decapatated head and fingers. hee, hee
bestest buddies: Kitty cat Chloe, and itsy bitsy spider Jackson
Jackson loves him some papa Mott!
Let me see here, E=MC2--our little genius!

Jackson play buddy every Thursday Janie or may I say the lovely Snow White. Jackson was trying to pull off her bow. oops, we are working on being soft.

Thursday night Joey, Jackson and me Mario went to my sisters stake trunk or treat, we had a blast. Jackson boogied the night away to the halloween music, he loves to shake his booty!

This year I am working at a new dental office, and we had to dress up for halloween. We don't work on Fridays so we dressed up on Thursday. I work with my really good friend Kelly, she is the other hygienist so we dressed up as Mario and Luigi. one patient said, "See ya later train conductor."--hee hee too funny!