Saturday, April 11, 2009

Duct Tape

So, Jackson's new thing is taking off his diaper and peeing on the carpet. It is driving me crazy! Even if I put his clothes over the diaper he some how manages to still get his diaper off. So, I came up with an AWESOME idea! DUCT TAPE!!! hee, hee! Now little Houdini child try to get out of this! or should I say smarty pants mom, "how are you going to get the dang thing off if he poops," hee hee!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

sPrInG mEaNs: Baseball and flowers

I love spring time cause it is time to pull weeds and plants flowers. By our front door on our side of the house we made a little area for me to plant my flowers about 4 years ago. So, every year it is so fun to see what we comes back from the year before, strawberries, iris's , calla lillies, and garlic--I love it! Enjoy some of my pictures of all my hard work. oh, and Jackson loves to help me, it is so cute he puts my gloves on and digs in the dirt. I am trying to teach him to not pick the flowers, don't walk on them, and don't drink the water in the bird bath and especially do not drink the water as it drips out of the hanging plants while I water. fun fun.

A couple of weekends ago we all went up to St. George to see T play ball. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast. While we were up there we also got to see T and Em play in a dodge ball tournament--which they won!--whoo-hoo! and Jackson got to play basketball (pronounced by Jack: baball)