Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What we have been up to!

okay so the duct tape thing only worked for a couple of days before Jackson figured out how to take off the tape. So, we went to plan B, we bought a froggy potty, and I guess we are potty training! Whenever he has to go he yells, "PEE PEE" and we run into the bathroom and he uses the potty. crazy I know, sounds too good to be true, but as for now I guess we are potty training. A lot better than peeing on my carpet that is for shiz-all. (don't mind my glamorous look in this picture, I just woke up)
okay this picture is classic. On Tuesdays I babysit Chloe and when I picked her up she was so sad she cried all the way to my house. While getting off the freeway I turned around and this is what I saw, Jackson had had enough of the crying and was plugging his ears. hee hee I was so lucky that I had my camera with me and snapped a quick shot. I love this picture-cracks me up.

Jackson loves footballs, baseballs and soccer ball oh and lets not forget his new love for spongebob. This is how he fell asleep the other night. hee hee.

This kid just cracks me up. Sorry Nikki his weiner was touching your kitchen table (we house sat for Nikki and Aaron last weekend while they were in Utah)

This last weekend we took the kids to the little zoo that we have here. It was so fun, Jackson loved all the animals especially the petting zoo where he could touch the goats, kick the goats and kiss their horns--how is my kid such a bully and such a sweet heart at the same time? I was fascinated with the ostrich's and their eggs, but also very scared that they were going to attack me, which one of the apes really did try to attack me, very scary. any who after the zoo we all went swimming at our pad, very fun and eventful day. Kim took a lot more pics than I did so check out her blog for more.

MOTHERS DAY- For mother's day my boys got my the most beautifulliest bouquet of irises and lillies, and a gift card to Euphoria for a massage, facial, manacure, and pedicure, and also the most sassy-est pair of naughty monkey zebra print high hills that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. They are so sh-nazzy I can't stand it, they make me happy just looking at them. Notice me wearing them in several of the pictures in this post, they are HOT!! (even Jackson had to take them for a whirl down the cat walk) I know Jackson and Joey spoil me, I have the best boys in town, I am one lucky gal, I love you guys.

We also went up to St. George for Tims graduation and Senior night for one of his last baseball games. We were so excited that we could be there for Tim and Em on such a grand day. We had a blast. It was fun to see and hang out with Em's family too. We are way excited for Tim and Em to move down here to Vegas for Law School at the end of the summer, whoo-hoo par-tay.

The Doctor that I work for Dr. Wu took the whole office and spouses out to and karoke bar. This place was so cool you can rent out private rooms with your own bathroom and it has couches, a big screen TV for the words and it is all computerized with many songs to choose from. We had a blast singing our little hearts out.