Sunday, August 30, 2009

Girls Night Out

So, my good friend from high school Lenzi came down this weekend and all of us girls went out. We had dinner at Cadillac Ranch at Town Square and rode the bull, ha ha, that was so much fun--check out that graceful fall. We did some shopping and went to see Time Travelers Wife--so good, but makes you cry like a baby or should I say makes Andrea cry like a baby while Kim, Lenzi and Nikki laugh their heads off while mister weirdo down the way burped, farted and yelled so loudly you couldn't pay attention--classic times. We had a good ol time and definetly need to do it more often, thanks girls for a way fun night!!!
oh and this last photo I must explain: our attempt at trying to get another crazy jumping photo but failing due to kims camera button pushing skills-ha! See Nikki's blog or fb for a lovely shot of this attempt.